Hello, I'm Nina Rosanes -
A UX/UI Designer based in Alberta, Canada.

I help bring creative and user-centric solutions into digital products and online experiences.

  • drippi | Mobile App UX/UI Design

    An interactive water tracking app to help you build a healthy hydration habit.

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  • Startup Labs | Website UI Design

    A digital agency that specializes in helping startups get the resources needed to bring their vision to life.

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  • Anthony the Chef | Website UX/UI Design

    A recipe website featuring a form to collect recipes, an internal dashboard, and responsive landing page.

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  • Find Fitted | Website UI Design

    A fashion website that allows users to shop from multiple brands and online stores all in one place.

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  • Big Lake Homes | Website UI Design

    A property website to generate buyer/seller inquiries into the Big Lake neighbourhood.

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  • Adiwata | Educational Website

    I created an online space where you can learn all about UX/UI Design and Web Development with tips, guides, as well as helpful resources.

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  • Design and Development | Project Gallery

    A collection of design and development projects exploring the use of different responsive design techniques, programming languages, and content management systems.

    Coming soon! 
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